Comedic Horror

What is Comedic Horror?

Comedic Horror blends elements of horror and comedy into one genre. It is a form of black comedy. Sarcasm and satire are two key components in this subgenre. It blends scary with the downright ridiculous. The stories in this genre are often predictable. Sometimes the stories can come in the form of a parody or can be completely original. The tension of the scares are often offset by the humor in the stories. The films Evil Dead 2 and Shaun of the Dead are good examples of what Comedic Horror is all about.


Characteristics of Comedic Horror

Level of Characterization
Low. Tends to focus more on setting and action.

Level of Plot Complexity

Level of Supernatural

Level of Scary

Level of Violence 

Typical Setting
Dystopian worlds. Could be anywhere.

Related Fantasy Sub-Genres

Bizarro blends darker humor with horror much like Comedic Horror.

Comedic Horror Isn’t For You If You Dislike

Black comedy and Supernatural elements.


    1. John Dies at the End, David Wong. A drug called Soy Sauce gives users a window into another dimension.

    2. Damned, Chuck Palahniuk. Madison, a thirteen year old girl finds herself in Hell.

    3. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Seth Grahame-Smith. An expanded edition of the Jane Austen novel featuring zombie mayhem.

    4. Bloodsucking Fiends, Christopher Moore. Tommy, a night-clerk
    meets a 26 year-old red-headed vixen who only recently became a vampire. 

    5. Monster, A. Lee Martinez. Monster Dionysus  traps monsters for a living.

    6. This Book Is Full of Spiders: Seriously Dude, Don't Touch It, David Wong. A zombie outbreak story that is the sequel to John Dies At the End.

    7. Chew, Volume 1, John Layman. Detective Tony Chew has psychic visions when he eats. He solves his murders by nibbling on the corpses of murder victims.

    8. Gil's All Night Diner, A. Lee Martinez. Earl, a vampire, and Duke, a werewolf, stop off at a roadside diner where zombie attacks are regular.

    9. A Hint of Magic, Claire Chilton. Dora, a badass Goth chick discovers witchcraft.

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