Creepy Kid Horror

What is Creepy Kid Horror?

These books feature young characters. The characters are either children or teenagers. The children/teenagers can be victims like in the Slasher Horror subgenre. Most often these creepy kids are the killers in these stories. These young killers can possess supernatural abilities. The supernatural abilities can be attributed to demonic possession in some cases. Other scenarios would be kids with psychological problems that act on their own accord to the murders or are taken advantage of by an older person such as a cult leader or authority figure. In some stories, the protagonist could be a good person but engages in horrific acts due to peer pressure, fear for their own life, or other factors.


Characteristics of Creepy Kid Horror

Level of Characterization
Moderate. The characters tend to change their stances on morality throughout the stories.

Level of Plot Complexity
Low when measured by subplots, twists and turns, etc.

Level of Supernatural
Varies. Some of the creepy kids possess supernatural abilities.

Level of Scary
High. Ominous tone, murders, high tension. 

Level of Violence 
Moderate-High. The violence can be either implied or in your face depending on what book your reading.

Typical Setting
Varies. A high school, remote area, campground, etc.

Related Fantasy Sub-Genres

Supernatural Horror elements are often found in these books.


Sometimes contains Splatterpunk level gore.


Occult Horror and Slasher Horror themes are often found in this subgenre.


Creepy animals like the ones in the Animal Horror subgenre tend to appear.

Creepy Kid Horror Isn’t For You If You Dislike

Stories about violent kids or teenagers. Stories where kids or teenagers are victims to brutal murders.


    1. The Girl Next Door, Jack Ketchum. Based on the true story of Sylvia Likens who was brutally tortured to death by her foster mother.

    2. The Shining, Stephen King. Danny has psychic abilities that intensify when him and his family move to a haunted hotel for the winter.

    3. Let The Right One In, John Ajvide Lindqvist. A new girl has moved in next door to twelve-year-old Oskar. Something is very wrong about her.

    4. Carrie, Stephen King. Carrie gets revenge on her classmates with her telekinetic abilities.

    5. We Need to Talk About Kevin, Lionel Shriver. The letters in this story detail the early life of Kevin and how the countless small acts of evil led to a horrific massacre of his schoolmates.

    6. Sorrow's Point, Danielle DeVor. Ex-priest Jimmy Holiday can’t refuse when his old friend, Will, calls him for help. He suspects his young daughter, Lucy, is possessed by a demon.

    7. The Exorcist, William Peter Blatty. A girl gets her soul jacked by a demon named Pazuzu.

    8. The Omen, David Seltzer. The antichrist comes to Earth in the form of a young boy.

    9. High School of the Dead, Daisuke Satou, Shouji Satou. Several high school students and a school nurse band together to escape Fujimi High School shortly after it was attacked by zombies.

    10. Pet Sematary, Stephen King. Anything buried in the pet cemetery won't stay buried.

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