Rampant Technology Horror

What is the Rampant Technology Horror Subgenre?

When machines rise up to wreak havoc, rampant technology horror is created. A subgenre of man made horror that is often associated with technophobia, rampant technology horror plays on the idea that one day, humans will create the monsters that will destroy us. These monster machines can be anything from cars to washing machines or cell phones. Even the Internet can become horrifying in this subgenre. Often, futuristic stories involving rampant technology will involve computers or robots that are far more intelligent than their modern counterparts.

In this subgenre, elements of science fiction and fantasy will feature heavily. Generally, in rampant technology horror, machines gain some form of sentience, either through scientific or through supernatural manipulation. Once aware, these machines will often attempt to destroy the human protagonist or society as a whole. Themes in rampant technology horror often warn against human pride as well as the possibility of becoming a slave to modern conveniences.

Rampant Technology Horror Characteristics

Level of Plot: Levels of plot in rampant technology horror tend to be low to moderate as major plot elements revolve around a machine gaining sentience and attempting to destroy humanity.


Level of Characterization: Expect characterization to be low to moderate in this subgenre as action and suspense take center stage, though often, the machine antagonists are highly characterized.


Level of Supernatural: Supernatural elements will be very low in rampant technology horror. Instead, science and technology can be relied upon to provide the scares.


Level of Scary: The level of scares in this subgenre are low to moderate. Suspense is often the desired reaction of rampant technology horror. These works are thrillers as opposed to chillers.


Level of Violence: Expect moderate to high levels of violence in rampant technology horror as unstoppable technological advances are often bent on destroying the human race.


Typical Setting: Settings in this subgenre will be either modern or futuristic. Expect futuristic settings to be dystopian or post-apocalyptic in nature.

Related Horror Subgenres

Rampant technology horror is a subgenre of the man made horror subgenre, but rampant animals, post-apocalyptic, and alien horror can also be related to this subgenre. Additionally, cross-genre horror with science fiction elements may also be easily related to the rampant technology subgenre.

Don't Read Rampant Technology Horror If You Dislike…

Technology or science fiction. If you do believe that technology is evil and will cause humanity's downfall, this may, in fact, be the subgenre for you, but if you are easily bored by explanations of technology and aspects of science fiction, you may not be interested in this subgenre.

Dead Lines by Greg Bear- Pete Russel's life was destroying when his young daughter was murdered by a serial killer. Now, he's a drudge for a Hollywood millionaire. Desperate for financial security, Russel convinces his employer to invest in Trans, a cell phone with seemingly unlimited broadband capabilities, but the trans has a chilling feature. It can contact the dead.


Cell by Stephen King- The Pulse is a signal transmitted through cell phones which turn users into mindless, zombie-like killers. Artist, Clayton Riddle is unaffected by the Pulse and travels across post-apocalyptic New England to find his son.


Predator One by Jonathan Maberry- A terrorist attack using drones launches Joe Ledger and his team on a mission to find the person responsible in this action packed technothriller.


I, Robot by Isaac Asimov- In Asimov's world, robots are meant to follow three principles to ensure the safety of themselves and humanity. This collection establishes those rules and shows what happens when the robots no longer abide by them.


Parasite by Mira Grant- In the near future, illness has become eradicated by the development of a parasite that fights disease. Nearly everyone has this parasitic bodyguard and a new wave of illness strikes when the parasites grow restless.


Daemon by Daniel Suarez- When a genius computer designer dies, he leaves behind a malevolent program that not only attacks authorities investigating his house but also spreads to the internet and enlists the aid of systems around the world to corrupt, kill, and destroy society.


Neuromancer by William Gibson- Henry Case is a disgraced hacker whose employers damaged his nervous system when he attempted to steal from them. Desperate for a cure for his condition, Case takes a job for the sinister Armitage who wants him to hack a powerful artificial intelligence.


I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream by Harlan Ellison- Human civilization is destroyed when the computers designed by three world superpowers gain sentience. A small group of survivors remains, living underground, kept alive by one of the computers to torture while it nurses its hatred for humanity.


Christine by Stephen King- When nerdy Arnie begins restoring a vintage car, his behavior and appearance mysteriously chance. More troubling is the series of murders that take place, all seemingly connected to Arnie's new car.


Reamde by Neal Stephenson- A virus hacks important files of gamers and holds them hostage, and in an investigation that spans the globe, Zula may also be held hostage or worse when she tries to track down the perpetrators.

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