Werewolf Horror

What are Werewolves?

Werewolf horror is not so much a subgenre as it is a story element.

There are commonly two types of werewolves. The alpha werewolf is born a werewolf. When the alpha werewolf bites a human and doesn't tear them to shreds, the victim turns into a werewolf which is the beta werewolf. In early stories, werewolves change from humans to their wolf form when the full moon is visible in the sky. In a lot of tales, the werewolves can be killed with silver. When the beta werewolf is in its wolf form, it has no human awareness, it only acts on instinct which is often hostile. Sometimes the werewolf is looked at as a horrid villain that needs to be slain. In other contexts, the werewolf is a victim that cannot help their affliction.

Werewolf Horror are stories that contain werewolves -- usually as the main focus of the story rather than just a side element as is common is say paranormal fantasy.



Characteristics of Werewolf Horror

Level of Characterization
Moderate. Focuses on the action.

Level of Plot Complexity
Low-Moderate. Often centers around a band of people hunting and surviving a werewolf antagonist. The origin of the werewolf often varies.

Level of Supernatural
High. Werewolves are Supernatural creatures.

Level of Scary

Level of Violence 
High. The gore and violence isn't the main focus.

Typical Setting
Small towns or villages.

Related Horror Sub-Genres

Supernatural and Animal Horror.

Werewolf Horror Isn’t For You If You Dislike

werewolves, lots of blood, humans being savaged by animals


    1. The Howling, Gary Brandner. Karyn and her husband Roy move from the city to the peaceful California village of Drago. They soon discover the village has a history of unexplained disappearances, sudden deaths. 

    2. Cycle of the Werewolf, Stephen King. A werewolf is terrorizing an isolated Maine town.

    3. Bestial, Ray Garton. Werewolves are growing stronger and multiplying fast in the coastal California town of Big Rock.

    4. Shapeshifter, J.F. Gonzalez. Mark Wiseman is discovered as werewolf by his boss. His boss exploits him by making Mark kill for him.

    5. Outcast: Where Angels Dwell, Lucien Black. Nathaniel's wife is killed by a werewolf. Nathaniel will stop at nothing for revenge.  

    6. Ravenous, Ray Garton.  A new version of the werewolf legend is portrayed in this chilling novel.

    7. The Howling II, Gary Brandner. The creepy sequel to The Howling.

    8. Saamaanthaa, D.T. Neal. Something’s been eating Samantha’s friends, and she’s more than a little afraid that it might be her. 

    9. The Wolf's Hour, Robert R. McCammon. Michael Gallatin is a spy and a werewolf. He comes out of retirement stop a secret Nazi operation called Iron Fist.

    10. Wake The Wicked, Christian Baloga. A collection of thirteen twisted tales.


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